From the 1940s on, the family tradition was metal machining. Company growth soared in the 1970s boosted also by a readily available work force and the economic boom during those years of growth, when initiatives by small businesses positively drove the future of manufacturing and Italian design.

In the 1990s, Carraro Tito e Figli became an organised, independent business, capable of offering clients a complete package ranging from manufacturing to assembly.

The company built strong relationships with the design, furniture and lighting market, founded on its constant quest for high quality and flexible manufacturing, not able to be guaranteed by all subcontractors.

From 2000 up to today, conversely to many competitors, the company has made what turned out to be a winning choice of opting to increase its overall skills base, rather than take the route of hyperspecialization and decentralization of manufacturing.

Today, some of the most important Italian and foreign design firms collaborate with Carraro Tito e Figli in creating finished and semi-finished objects within a permanent, synergistic partnership.

Valuing people

Personal development is at the heart of our vision statement. First and foremost, we like to see our company as a meeting point for a diverse range of people and knowledge: different identities, with different skills, yet operating as a team, reciprocally enriching one another.

Low internal staff turnover and continuous training allow us to bring a high degree of professionalism, taken from life and work experience, into our manufacturing departments.

Development of core skills, encouraged in staff, makes interpersonal relations an essential element of our company.

It is a place where ideas, needs and experiences merge, giving rise to products that are precise and innovative in every detail, created to high quality standards and capable of satisfying the requirements of our client and their business, setting themselves apart from a market which is expanding its horizons yet losing in reliability and durability.

Overseas market

Some of the most important Italian, European and global design firms have chosen us as their partner in manufacturing finished and semi-finished objects.

The company has always operated out of Mirano, using the local area as a platform for expanding its business, actively contributing to regional industrial development, promoting local resources through partnerships with other manufacturing firms and creating a consolidated network among the various industrial businesses.

Respect for our local area (environmental awareness, sustainability, interpersonal relationships) promotes development of a respectful social ecosystem, which has given our company a profound awareness of our role in society and made us a major industrial player within our market.


Certified Quality

Applying the continuous improvement principals that underpin Quality Management, the right tool for true process management and consistent customer satisfaction.

This is the challenge that we wanted to undertake by adopting our new ISO 9001 Quality Certification System. For us, implementing a Quality Management System means making a change, and constantly seeking out innovation over time.