Integrated manufacturing process: from prototype to packaging

Lo Studio

Client design study and project management

  • Identification of critical needs and elements
  • Co-analysis of project designs and specifics
  • Consulting and sharing of technical decisions with client: materials, solutions, finishes

Prototyping: field testing, from problem to solution

La Prototipazione
La Realizzazione

Production of dies and equipment

  • Construction and design of dies for sheet metal (die cutting, drawing, folding) and various equipment.

Manufacturing set-up: bill of materials and processing cycle

La Produzione
Il Coordinamento

Coordination and guarantee of quality of external finishes

Wiring, assembly, packaging: precision and organisation

  • Extreme precision and highly qualified specialist staff allow us to provide the perfect solution for all assembly operations, and testing of lighting equipment and furniture.
Il Cablaggio
Il Coordinamento

Continuous quality monitoring